Hi, my name is Jamie Shields. Welcome to enjoy graphics, my blog & portfolio. I'm a freelance graphic designer & CG artist based in Auckland. I provide expert creative services which will make your brand, product or service look good. Really good.


Design is my work and play. I'm lucky enough to make a living doing something I really enjoy and this comes across to clients in my enthusiasm and passion. I'm a friendly guy and easy to work with.


I specialise in 3d illustration and animation but can offer a wide variety of creative services from graphic & web design to motion graphics and brand consulting plus a hold load of other cool stuff.

Recent work

You can look at some recent examples of my work on this site. I post articles on personal projects in the journal here as well, along with articles on software and other inspirational work.


From my Journal:

Since going live with this website in mid-October I have been constantly adding to an improving the content. Most recently it is my portfolio which has been overhauled.
Guide Guide is an extremely useful extension for Photoshop which makes it easy to accurately set up grids. If you've ever used Adobe Indesign you'll probably have found yourself wishing you could create margin & guides with the same ease for your Photoshop files - Now you can.
Ever get bored of watching Photoshop tutorials with a faceless, droll male accent extolling the virtues of whatever new technique is on trend? Well fear not because Fafa the Groundhog is here to help.

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